I bring a blend of Business and Design perspective. Besides my acumen in Design Strategy, Research and Human-Centered Experience Design, I have an extensive experience in Marketing and Brand portfolio management. 

I have worked not only for tech-related innovation projects with Telecommunication companies, but also for projects related with social good and social innovation. In a world of everything being connected to the Internet and becoming apps, I'm a big cheerleader of the #noUI proposition. That is, more life, less screens. I worked for Telefonica R&D in Madrid as part of the Global UX Team focus on users and businesses. I have a clear view that UX is not UI. I'm currently working for Fjord, as a Service Design Lead in Madrid.

Regarding blends, I am Peruvian with Chinese ancestors. I've been raised in a multicultural environment. I've lived and run projects in Peru, Bolivia, the US, India and Spain.

With respect to life beyond screens, I've been experimenting our relationship with objects and how they are made in the non-digital world. In that sense, I've tried working with leather and learned the very basics of glass blowing.

I teach and speak in different events and countries. I love cooking, traveling, trying new food and all the simple things that make life richer. And I love Star Wars.

In general, I think there are a lot stories to share.


Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and if possible, let's just meet in person.

I'll be able to share more on what my role in the projects is/was, what the learnings were and what my passion and interests are. 

And just in case, here's my resume